What is Biddable Media?

Do you think it’s outdated to discuss the definition of “Biddable Media”? Then let me tell you, there are still lot of non-media moguls who have no clue of biddable media. Forget about non-media, there are lot of media professionals (mostly non-digital) who are unaware of this term. It was quite a shocking experience so I thought to take up this topic to discuss what it is in simple terms – 

Biddable Media is any media that is bought through real time bidding. There is a market place (platform provided by third party) where all advertisers bid against each other for impressions and whoever wins will show the ad. The first and biggest biddable platform was provided by Google where advertisers bid for Paid Search Text ads and also contextual ads in display network. But with time, there were new display platforms that came into existence and it has completely changed the game in Digital Media. Earlier display was being bought by cost per thousand impressions rate and all the impressions were delivered at fixed rate and time.  Once media was bought, advertisers had less control over execution. Also there was a black-box as to where the ads will show up. There were high chances of accident (ads showing up on unqualified site)  to happen.
But with the arrival of DSPs (Demand Site Platforms), advertisers have lot more control over ad exposure and also the cost per exposure. In real time bid, results are tracked in real time. So if campaign is performing, one can bid higher to gain more exposure or vice versa.

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