How To Make Effective Videos?

A few years back if someone asked what is the next big thing in media? People would say mobile and Video. Now we are living the time when Mobile is one of the biggest platforms and time spent of Video formats are growing every year. I wanted to understand what makes some of the videos more viral and engaging than others. I did little research and there were tons of article on why and how Videos are getting more important? I think we passed that stage where we were still evaluating the platform. Now we are convinced that people are spending a lot of time watching Videos. So,the next question wouldbe, what kind of videos interests people?  If you take a look of “Best Viral Video Ads” in 2016, none of the videos are talking about the Brand or product benefit directly. (

In all successful videos, there is a pattern – 

1)     The idea is new, fresh and quirky. People are inquisitive to find out more and therefore they stick out.

2)     Parody/related to current events.

3)     Message that impacts people’s life and touches them emotionally

4)     There is a short gripping story that holds the audience attention.

This is no brainer. Creative agencies would have done many research on consumer behavior that can easily show how important these are. Facebook, which is one of the biggest video consumption has added few more points to this list which makes it more comprehensive. According to their study, these are the creative guidelines that every advertiser should follow before producing videos for their platform –

5) Tailor your story to your audience.

6) Invest in production

7) Use the first few seconds wisely

8) Focus on Story telling

9) Tell your story with and without sound


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